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The idea for Campus Creations was born from a desire to incorporate top-selling apparel from the collegiate market into spirit wear for the primary, secondary, and high school markets.  The majority of schools offered only repeat designs year after year that were outdated and out-of-style.  We recognized that there was a need for fresh, updated options in school spirit wear; something that students and faculty could take pride in wearing to show their support and represent their school.  For this reason, Campus Creations was born.

By partnering with Pressbox, one the nation's leaders in collegiate apparel, Campus Creations is capable of offering the top-selling designs from the collegiate market to the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  This partnership has allowed us to help schools and booster clubs set new records in apparel sales.  Principals, athletic directors, teachers, and parents are all impressed by so many of the students purchasing, and proudly wearing their school's apparel.

Our mission is to outfit all ages with apparel that is pleasing to their style and that they enjoy wearing.  Our goal is to help the schools, booster clubs, PTA, individual clubs, band, and sports teams raise money through the sale of our unique designs.


 Although our passion is school spirit wear, we also produce custom apparel for boutiques, dance studios, cheer athletics, gymnastic clubs, small and large businesses, corporations, and everything in between!  We are always open to working on new projects and helping to individualize designs to accommodate our customers needs.  Bring us your ideas, or we can bring you ours! 

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